KrosArchive Team

Developer, Editor, Designer and Coordination:

  • JesĂșs MartĂ­nez

Spanish content:

  • JesĂșs MartĂ­nez - Content
  • Eduardo Mendoza - Content
  • Dan Mathew - Proofreading
  • Sr. Ruiz - Proofreading

English content:

  • Dan Mathew - Content and Proofreading

Portuguese content:

  • Gabriel "Wally" Cruz - Proofreading
  • JosĂ© M. Silveira Jr - Proofreading
  • Wallace Nogueira "Luvenus" - Translate, Content and Proofreading

French content:

  • Colin - Content and Proofreading

Krosfinder original team

  • German by Dacow (Double Critical)
  • English by Federico, Josh
  • French by Susanna
  • Spanish by Fede "Say my name" Franchoni
  • Spanish by Jalatofus
  • Spanish by Red-Husk
  • Russian by Warpstone and the community of Krosmaster Russia

Special Thanks

  • Krosmaster AndalucĂ­a for the Proofreading and Beta-Testing
  • Krosmaster International Community for keep this game alive
  • Alfonso Domingo and Vitur thank you for sending us corrections through the contact form
  • LecodeMV for her Line of sight tool
  • Ankama for make this awesome game (and no thanks for force Arena to die)