Welcome Krosmoz champions

On this wiki you can find a lot of information about Krosmaster Arena to help you planing your teams. Also, we are preparing some tools to help you in the games. We are also working on showing official buffs and debuffs in the profiles and some content made by the fans.

The website is still under development. We are preparing multiple languages, but for this we need your help. If you want to help by contributing with new content in your language, let us know through the “Help us” form. (Messages in English or Spanish, please)

If you find a mistake, or want to contact us about something in particular (Like, buy us a drink), use the “Contact” form. (Messages in English, Spanish or Portuguese, please)

Without further ado, we wish with all our hearts that these contents help you and make you happy.

Long live Krosmaster Arena!

Last Changes

  • Add French Language! (Thanks Colin, you are awesome)
  • Eternal Lost profiles recovered (Captain Amakna, Merkator, Count Frigost and Count Harebourg)
  • Add S6 and s7 in portuguese (Thanks Wallace and his team!)
  • Add Team Section
  • You can see Buffs and Debuffs
  • Now you can Print cards!!
  • Add S6 and s7 in english (Thanks Dan!)
  • Add Line of sight and distance calculator
  • Add S6 and s7 in spanish (We are contacting collaborat ors for other languages)